Mods To the 2016 Sets

We had this topic for 2015. With finalized pictures of the new sets, what changes will you make to them when you have them?


Short version: A lot.

Long Version:
Umarak: Maybe change his shoulder placement. Overhauling the leg build to look better.

Onua: Changing his shoulder pads, changing torso build, placing gun on shoulder, changing hammer in a pick axe or a rocket hammer, and placing the Skull torso as a thigh cover.

Lewa: Giving him some more green, longer arms, little rotor arms on his back to put heli-blades for flight mode, and his changing custom limb build. Currently the build for his arms looks bad, and the one for his legs is just unnecessary. You could acheive the same (or better) effect by just attaching them to a regular bone.

Gali: Changing thighs, Orange Vorox armor is going to be placed like a half-skirt, more fins for aquatic look, and changing weapon to a claw-trident.

Pohatu: Fixing his color distribution and arm build, maybe add a cape or cloth, weapon changed to have boulders on both sides and have small cyrstals/rocks attached as well,and adding dagger secondary.

Tahu: More red, less gold. Completely changing his shoulders, torso, legs, you know what? I'm changing everything. Custom shins (one that uses real flame pieces instead of those cheap cyrstals, and you can say goodbye to those awkward thighs.) and Torso, changing the shoulders, changing sword to look better and mod the flame extension function, and going for the flaming Samurai look.

Kopaka: He will be scrapped almost instantly. If I keep him his shins are going to be gold and hold the cyrstal armor, his sheild is actually going to look like a sheild, and he's going to get bulked up.


Umarak; New legs, better body, altered horns, shoulder placement changed, additional claw-traps added to his back to give the impression of a spikey spine.

Gali; Replace orange with trans-blue or silver. Remove crystal pieces and replace with fins. Remove weapons. Sleeker design.

Lewa; New custom arms and legs. Replace weapons with axe using the 2015 pieces.

Pohatu; Fixing colour distribution, arm build. Essentially turning him into DOTM Megatron playing with the concept of him retaining his metal arm from the 2015 version. Replacing the metal arm's shoulder with a silver creature head. Potentially some form of cape in order to make him look like kind of like Master Chief in the Halo 5 teaser.

Onua; Weapon is split into a Gatling gun over his left shoulder and a drill arm for his right arm. Shoulder pads would be replaced with his 2015 shoulder pads. Skeletal pieces would be removed and/or used for back armour. Arms would be fixed. Left hand would be replaced with Terak claw.

Tahu; Scrap everything except for the head and main body, transfer them to the 2015 Tahu. Alter 2015 Tahu's legs to be custom. Retain sword gimmick and weapons from 2015 version.

Kopaka; Scrap everything make a version inspired by this using the Star Wars smooth pieces as a basis. Custom sword and shield.


For the sets I plan to get:

Tahu: I actually like his build, so all I think I'll change is adding more solid red to the scheme and removing some gold.

Lewa: I like the concept, but I think Lewa looked great in his 2015 build due to his long arms and legs; the 'lanky' look if you will. So I'd add longer limbs to his 2016 version, and maybe add some lime.

Kopaka: Add some more gold and replace the gun with an actual shield, be it the 2015 version or a new configuration.


One things for sure, I'm buying pieces for knees and elbows for the creatures. Two joint limbs are awful. Narmoto and Izotor were really challenging to pose, and looked much better once I added joints, and I'm sure some of the newer creatures will too.

Kopaka: remove the gold and dark blue, replace the dark blue with white.

Gali: fold that Skrall armor over her left shoulder.

Pohatu Mod his staff so the part between his hands can be rotated. And I don't know what I'll do about his color scheme and arms.

Onua": put studs over those holes on his shoulders, Mod his staff so the part between his hands can be rotated. . Position the drill Forward (if it isn't already)

Lewa: lock the Skrall armor in place and give him proper lower arms. Swap out the silver with black.

Akida: give it the same head as Melum.

Uxar give him Ikir's head

Ketar give him Ikir's head.

Umarak: put a gear in the weapon to turn it with, since it seems Lego forgot this.

Umarak the Destroyer remove those awkward-looking shins, do something about those arms

Lava beast: give it more trans-orange and trans-dark red. to replace the solid colors.

Quake beast: I think I'll give him those dark grey armor pieces from Bruizer. Actually, just more dark grey in general.




Tahu: Replace upper arms with red shells, shorten the thighs a bit
Gali: Try to fix her thighs
Lewa: Eh, I'm fine
Pohatu: Change thigh and lower arm colors
Onua: Fill in gappy shoulders a bit
Kopaka: Going to revamp this sucker. I hate him.

The creatures are pretty fine, excluding Melum and Terak for color distribution and almost clone like build, and Ketar for his extremely disproportionate build.

Umarak is fine.

We haven't even gotten those leaks yet...


Hmmm, let;s see, first I'm going to fix...

Tahu: Probably keep the Skull villain armour in gold that looks awesome but change some of the placement of the CCBS armour plates like uh, the colour of the plate under the skull villain armour to nuva red or gold.

Ikir: Cover exposed ball joints with 2015 2016 pieces.

Gali: Fix her friggin asymmetry with the arm and leg thing. I'll put the vorox armour in orange on the arm, and put the silver/trans light blue crystal armour on the leg.

Akida: Nothing, maybe add some more armour and that's it.

Lewa: This guy is awesome. No more to be said.

Uxar: Again cover exposed ball joints only.

Kopaka - Melum: Everything

Onua: Add some armour to make him Un-gappy {not a word}.

Terak: Make limbs longer and cover exposed ball joints.

Pohatu: Some of the colour scheme.

Ketar: Eh, not much to do, just beef him up a little bit.

Umarak: The best set of the wave. Just going to leave him as is. :grinning:

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everyone is gold and has a gun

they also have to be able to continuously play the piraka rap from tiny speakers hidden under the masks.


I shall do the following
Tahu: Nothing
Gali: Nothing
Pohatu: Nada
Lewa: Zilch
Onua: Taller and replace his thigh pieces with black.
Kopaka: Moar gold
Mellum: Do something to set him apart from the best set of 2016
Uxar: Nothing
Ikir: Not gonna edit
Ketar: Better tail and arm weapons
Akida: Longer tail to make a true sharkgirl gali
Umarak: Less gappy shoulders, more unique bow, make a combo model of him fused with all the creatures Gudam style, taller, better sidearm, make him look like satan and add more green.

yup that sums it up


.....I might give Tahu shorter thigh bones. As they are, they're a bit too long.

Other than that, I'll do the same thing that I did with all the 2015 sets: proudly display them the way they were originally designed. :blush:


may add the smallest bone size in trans orange to Ikir's legs, but IDK

I would modify them all so that none of their pieces are connected anymore.


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We haven't....


Yes, because I'm sure someone have been able to get leaks of the summer wave when the winter wave hasn't even been officially announced yet.


Don't worry, I'm on it.


That vine's hilarious :joy:

Back on topic, these would be how I would mod the sets if I weren't such a purist

Umarak: Beef up those lower legs so they don't look so unfinished

Kopaka: Beef up upper arms, probably with another pair of white Bohrok eyes, make the technic shield much larger and spikier, put some gold on his upper body somehow

Gali: Make the chain that connects her "rod" at the end of her spear much longer, or take it out completely,

Tahu: Moar red less gold

Pohatu: Replace trans green forearm plates with tan



Destiny: the Gold and gun. (Golden Guns)

I really dislike the new torso armour. So I'll replace it with the 2015 torso armour to see if it looks better

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If I get Pohatu (which I likely won't), I'll give him more dark orange, and change his upper arms to be the same as Lewa's.

I'll likely also make Gali symmetrical by giving here two orange shoulderpads and two crystal addons on her thighs.

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