Mogell the sky dweller

*Watch me soar like an eagle.

squak and growl; gruawkl?

Now that’s what I call a headshot!

I seriously have no idea how this tablescrap happened.I was thinking of making a bird and somehow made this mole bird thing.Again,combined words in different languages to form it’s name!This time in German and Russian!


You got it wrong. It goes


I’m not even sure this is in any way an eagle so…“Watch me fly like a “bird”?”
(point: I have no idea what this is supposed to be)

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He’s okay, and needs some work.

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Pretty decent!
The build is neat, and the color scheme works!

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Wings look like they need help, but the rest is solid.
How u do jaw???

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The jaw’s pretty simple. Just attach the head on the middle ball piece on the 2015 trans purple bone piece,put a hand on the other ball,and then attach the mask on the hand piece. I hope that this along with the headshot clears it up.


That’s good.
That’s reeeaaal good.

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