Molding Old Bionicle Pieces

I think this video is the one we all want to see:


"I didn’t care"

That sentence sums up the entire video.


That mask is art


Hey all.
I went ahead and bought some of that composi stuff for myself in that video I linked above.
Here is my first attempt at recreating Kanohi with the stuff:
First attempt? It’s awful, I know. The middle is so funky because that’s where I cut the mold. Bad mistake. Post your reaction gifs if you want, but you won’t be contributing to any conversation with them.
The material used is very malleable, even after solidifying. It’s about as malleable as a piraka spine, and given how thin the mask is, it’s very fragile.
Anyways, I thought this was worth posting, so I’m here, for all those curious about getting that composi stuff for yourself.
If I can improve and make any parts that’re superior to this, I’ll be sure to post them here.

I’m gonna start calling these Synthetic Kanohi, because it sounds cool and edgy.


Is it possible you can try again?

I’m working on plaster molds to make metal Bionicle masks. From aluminum I can anodize them any color, or from zinc I can make them all shiny and rainbowy


I want a chocolate Toa Mata made, with all the pieces being made out of chocolate.

Cant believe nobody made atleast chocolate masks at this point.


Possibly this method could be used to make inika style masks? They had the mallebility of a pirika spine, and were thicker.

super late reply, I know
I know a bit about mould making.
You’d want to make a mould out of plastic or stainless metal…
So make a resin mold, make a more durable mask, and then use that mask to make a plastic or metal mould, using that to make the chocolate mask.

@Bioniclekolacz did the plaster mold work? i’m thinking about trying with melted down lego parts to give my mctoran a full set of masks like the toa mata

I don’t think Lego has actually destroyed those old molds. Intricate piece molds like those are expensive; if I were them, I’d be hesitant about getting rid of them. Plus, you never know-they might bring the molds back one day.

This guy has successfully done many masks:


We gotta revive this topic. Bionicle4life over on Instagram does resin prints, members of the RedStarGames discord also experiment with casting masks frequently. Not to mention, the talented 3D artists like Galva and KingK on shapeways. How come there isn’t a 3D printing topic on the boards? Yall are missin out :grin:


Man, those look nice.

Wow, those masks looks gorgeous. I guess those are casted, but could a 3D resin printer get this smooth?