Molten Tribe

This is one of the many tribes of warriors on the ruins of a far off world, where those who fight, and those who win survive to see another day.
Each Tribe has their two leaders, A rider, and a Titan Beast. Although there are exceptions to the rule, like the Tribe of Ruins and the The Verdant Tribe. Although, every tribe can have only one Titan Beast
The Molten Tribe is a tribe of Blacksmithers and Tinkerers, always creating new armor, weapons and scrapping them to create even better weapons. Every part of their bodies are tipped head to toe in armor, where they can put it. Their Titan Beast is tipped head to toe in the heaviest and most powerful armor, with dark titanium and infernal gold found in their homeland, this is a tribe you do not want to mess with.

One of their leaders, the Gilded Inferno, Halycon dons the Golden Hau which gives him incredible durability. He is brash, arrogant, but can back up his bark with his massive bite. He charges into battle recklessly carving down all of his foes. His mighty flaming claw allows him to create powerful armor, it also is deadly weapon…

It’s next leader Pyrkagia, the flaming tusk, is more of a tactician but will fight fiercely if need be. While Halycon fights with brute force, Pyrkagia stays back barking out orders and thinking up strategies for raids. Those tusks aren’t just for show, they can ignite themselves, so can his dark titanium blade. His flame jet claw gives him the ability to create weapons on the spot for battle.

The Molten tribe’s Titan Beast is a true behemoth, it can thing away with it’s monstrous tail, destroy with it’s giant claw arm, although his other one is smaller, it is just as strong, able to lift and press up an entire building. It’s two small arms are used for smashing any creature on top of it, and can also be used to secure a rider (no picture of that). It’s flaming breath (indicated by his glowing eyes) allows this monster to release a blast of concentrated plasma. It’s sheer body heat is used to melt down the metals used to create weapons. The armor it has is the molten metals that the leaders fed it.

There rider, Kynigos and his beast Theriosaurus are the main leaders for raids, they go out and fight other riders for the right of battle.
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The dragon thing is the best moc here. maybe get a better, less messy background to take photos on.

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Nothing too special but nothing too bad, I noticed you’ve shown us more of one single image


@SonicBionicleMaster Yeah, that was to show how it was built, sorry if that bothers you, any improvents I can make to that?

@Toa_Radrix Ooo thanks, and sorry, that was kinda on my messy desk, I don’t really have any of those studio setups

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They’re simple, but rather effective

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Thank you!

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These are all fantastic. Each one is very unique, but all three are clearly related. Very well done.

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