Mono’s selling things again!

Hey everyone! Got some more bits I don’t need anymore. Maybe some of you’d be interested? :relaxed:

And if anyone here’s interested in Transformers, I’ve got an enormous assortment ready to be sold! PM me if you’re interested :relaxed:

Legion Class:

  • 2007 Nightwatch Optimus Prime vs Starscream (complete)
  • 2007 Bumblebee (complete)
  • 2007 Jazz (complete)
  • 2007 Blackout (missing left leg)
  • 2007 Optimus Prime (complete)
  • ROTF Bumblebee (complete)
  • ROTF Mudflap (complete)
  • ROTF Rally Skids (complete)
  • ROTF Desert Ratchet (complete)
  • ROTF Jetfire (complete)
  • Combiner Wars Warpath (complete)
  • DOTM Roller (complete)

I have the Ark to go with Roller too, if you’re interested! It’s only missing the projectile and one of the rear fins.

Scout Class:

  • ROTF Depthcharge (complete with instructions)
  • G1 Kickback (rusted, missing insect leg, worn chrome, broken antennae, loose wings)
  • G1 Shrapnel (loose joints, worn chrome, missing insect legs)
  • G1 Chase (complete, some stickers missing)
  • Energon Battle Ravage (missing accessories)
  • DOTM Thunderhead (missing accessories)

Deluxe Class:

  • Beast Machines Thrust (missing missile)
  • Armada Demolishor (missing three missiles and Minicon)
  • 2007 Salvage (complete)
  • 2007 Jungle Bonecrusher (complete)
  • ROTF Sideswipe (complete, one rubber leg piston is broken)
  • ROTF Swerve (snapped kneepad, one arm missing but has been replaced by a silver one from Sideswipe)
  • ROTF Mudflap (missing missile)
  • ROTF Wheelie (complete with instructions)
  • ROTF Jolt (missing half of rear bumper/robot foot)
  • DOTM Bumblebee (complete, part of his chest is slightly snapped and his car roof is badly scratched)
  • DOTM Nitro Bumblebee (complete with instructions)
  • TLK Drift (complete with instructions)
  • Studio Series Roadbuster (missing accessory)
  • Combiner Wars Skydive (complete)

Voyager Class:

  • Beast Wars Polar Claw (missing robo-bat/front right bear leg, beast mode gimmick is broken)
  • Beast Wars Inferno (missing missiles, missile launcher, antennae and middle ant legs)
  • Beast Wars Transquito (missing two insect legs and missile, spring-loaded chest is broken)
  • ROTF Skywarp (missing missiles and tailfins, also has Starscream’s legs for some reason)

Leader Class

  • Beast Machines Jetstorm (missing missiles, chrome flaking, one chest panel has been snapped off but can still be attached in both modes)
  • DOTM Sentinel Prime (missing accessories)
  • Animated Megatron (missing accessories)

Thanks for looking!


How much for this guy?! I’ve been looking for one for quite some time!