Monopoly’s Ancient Mocs Part 3

I’m back with a whole lot more pictures of my oldest mocs I found recently.

We’ll start with some of the newer ones before delving back into things so old I can barely remember what they were supposed to be.

Firstly, we have two Makuta revamps I made at some point. They’re both significantly worse than their original sets, as Mutran here can demonstrate with his bizarre neck-mounted wings.

Vamprah suffers even more, having completely ditched his unique proportions for a unbearably generic design.

Next we have one of my own characters, Makuta Zhyrode. I remember before this point he used to have huge scissors for hands, but like Vamprah, I for some reason thought that I needed to make him more boring.

Here we have the Cendox V1 but built entirely out of spare parts and with a front wheel because I didn’t understand what a snowmobile was at the time.

Next is this mini Axalara T9 which appears to have no landing gear.

Now we get into the really old stuff.

Here is the Bionicle Stars Rahkshi built using the original Rahkshi design. The photo quality for this one is atrocious for no apparent reason.

I legitimately cannot remember who this guy is. He’s from before I started the current storyline, so I have no explanation for his inexplicable missing forearm.

Finally there’s this, which appears to just be a pile of parts. However, if you look closely there’s quite a few very strange completed Mocs in amongst the pile. You can even spot Missing Forearm Man™ doing the splits in the top left. I’ll see if I can reconstruct some of the more easily visible ones.

That’s everything I’ve got for now, but if I find anything else I’ll add it here.


The mini axalara looks neat


mutrans not really that good to begin with though, neat mini red fridge


Have I started a trend?

The mini Axalara is cute, and having been so proud of making an all black MOC at an early age, I quite like your take as well.


Why does Zhyrode look like some arcane ancestor of the batgirls? =P

Mutran actually doesn’t look too bad, I kinda like the shinguards on him. The neck wings are fun. Vamprah is, indeed, unbearably generic, but the blue “Cendox V1 w/ Wheel, Front” is a neat recolor. And the mini Axalara is unironically cool. Atrocious Rahkshi Picture is atrocious, but Missing Forearm Man™… now there’s a masterpiece. I demand lore, including a convoluted reason for his Missing Forearm™. =P


I think the Mutran revamp has some good concepts in it, I think the only change I would make is moving the wings. Everything else looks fine! The mini Axalara is also a neat idea, I think it works surprisingly well.

Also I have to agree with MooCowsRock here, Zhyrode looks batgirl-like in proportions… despite being a dude.