Monopoly’s Reviews: 8959+8961 Crystal Crawler

Time for the final combination model of wave 1.

I was very concerned that this one would be disappointing after the travesty that was the Aero Shredder, but luckily it’s actually very successful. As usual, we’ll skip the figures since they’re the same as the Crystal Sweeper and Claw Digger combined.

The Crystal Crawler is a very well-designed and built vehicle, with the building experience almost feeling like building a regular set rather than a combo model, with the only real giveaway being the odd sticker placement. Everything holds together well and feels exceptionally solid.

The front of the vehicle features dual cockpits, alongside a digger bucket and side-mounted claws. It is a bit difficult to get the figures in the cockpits, but nothing feels fragile.

The claws can move around to clear material away and direct crystals towards the bucket.

Both roll cages can open, but there is basically no interior detail at all.

The digger bucket is on a huge arm assembly that can raise up extremely far to dump crystals into the rear container.

The container itself is the exact same piece as used in the Crystal Sweeper, and is mounted within some extensive engine detail.

The treads are very well-made, especially for being an entirely different shape from the Crystal Sweeper’s treads. Orange Bohrok eyes fill in the gaps in the Technic structure, and a stick of dynamite is stored behind the treads on each side, along with a circular saw on this side, and a pickaxe on the other. These are a bit hard to access, but I appreciate the inclusion.

The rear of the vehicle feels slightly barebones, being just the Claw Digger’s wheels attached to a couple of Technic beams. Regardless, the structure is strong and well-covered.

The entire rear assembly can fold out to dump the container’s contents, or for easier access for figures.

The combined retail of £57.98 feels fair, but the American price is hurt by the Crystal Sweeper’s exorbitant retail, being closer to $90. Still, it feels sufficiently big.

Overall, this combo model is easily the best of the three, and I would definitely recommend making it if you have the component sets. It does feel over a bit quickly and there’s more leftover parts than the other two combinations, but I think the finished result is far superior.



ah fancy
this looks very cool, combo of one of my favourite lego sets ever!


Ah now this is a good combo model. The Crystal Crawler has a pretty cool build, looking almost tanklike with the treads and armored exterior. It uses the component parts excellently as well, much better than the last combined build. Neat review!