Monster Flyer Type

Another late night MOC tweaking, this one I haven’t really made a name for yet. The whole idea was to try and one: make a MOC using my silver/yellow dragon wings, and two make a flyer type creature for any hero to face, whether it be a Toa or Hero Factory. Because I believe that Bionicle should have given us some sort of flyer villain. So after changing the head from just a Scarox face with brain slug. I came up with an idea for the head, now it’s not the greatest in size to body. But again it is still getting tweaks.

So my favorite things of this guy is that I used some golden masks in different ways, well I think so, but also actually come up with a custom head for once.

You can see I also used the scarb bug body from Black Phatom, and I liked how it turned out. Also I went with the two toe claws to give him the smaller creature feel. Did that to try and help limit me in the build design, but the shoulders and chest areas seem a bit bulked as I look at it now.

Gave him a pincher type claw with pirate sabers to help stab prey, but only used the two types of small bone pieces with no armor on the tail.

yup, the faces of good and evil being used for different use. I really like how they are used, but would like to improve the claws and use something other than Toa heads for holding the masks. That is what improvements are for.

Just one last side view of the MOC,

As always, thank you for checking out this MOC, and hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you liked or disliked, and keep building,


I actually really like the hand design, could we get some better pictures?

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Nice MOC! I like the hand and head design. :slight_smile:

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Very cool! There’s a lot of NPU here.

NPU means ‘Nice Parts Usage’, in case you didn’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the consistent look plus it looks like a Dark Souls boss.

I especially like the use of the MoC as the jaw.

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Nice job! I’m particularly impressed with the head design and how well the Arachnix Drone’s torso works with Skarox’s face and The MoC.

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@Calebmar12 thank you, they were the reason I went with gold. also with how the reaction to this one I might make a how to build video to show how.

@Blue_Robots thanks appreciate the support,

@ReeseEH Thanks, and no I didn’t know the NPU reference, so learned something new. as I am still new to interacting with the community.

@Yveran Not sure which boss as I haven’t played or watch Dark Souls play, but thanks. Also, I like how the head design came out, and having the MoC as a jaw worked out well.

@Stoax Thank you, I did try some other ways to replace the brain slug, here is a previous pic of what I started with. Might try to make a how to build on this one.

Well thank you again for the remarks, and will get working on my next set of ideas. keep building,

How did I miss this? This is amazing. The design is creative and really cool.

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It has a pretty strong gargoyle vibe going on, I wish the tail had some detail, but the top portion of the torso kinda distract that.

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