Monster Hunter Series

Does anyone here play Monster Hunter?

If you don't know what it is, it's an online action/strategy game where you hunt dragons and stuff. It's one of my favourite video game series.

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Looks like an interesting series. Thought about getting a game, just haven't yet.

I find it fun. From personal experience and what I've heard from other players, the game is difficult to get into at first, but becomes very addictive once you're good.

You should try out a demo if your interested.

There are demos?

I played one of the demos. The demo ended before I could kill the monster. Are all fights really long?

You're given 50 minutes to fight. An experienced player normally can complete the fight in about half that time.

When I first played the game it took me a while to fight the monsters, but once you're good at the game the fights aren't that long. It also depends on what you're fighting and how many people are fighting with you.

That sounds a bit too tedious for my tastes.

Aw yeah monster hunter.
It was the first game I played on my Wii U and I’m still playing it to this day.
My favourite monster is the Brachyadios.

This is a MOC I made a while a go it is still a WIP.


It’s pretty rare that you spend all the time you’re given, most monsters range from 15-20 minutes in my experience, less with practice.

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I have MH3U for 3DS. The game is really fun, but I rarely play it anymore because of time. :confused:

Aw Monster Hunter one of my favorite games of all time, where everything’s a dark souls level boss fight.

When I first started playing it took me about 40 to 49 minutes to kill or trap the monsters. but once I learned the beast movements, weakness, habits, and how to avoid getting hit, it only took me about 5 to 20 minutes to kill or trap a monster.

I tried the demo for 4 or whatever.



Dark Souls controls on a handheld don’t mix.

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I actually find the controls alright. Then again Monster hunter 3 ultimate was one of my first video games I ever played. I also don’t really play any other real video game besides the Elder scrolls games and the Dark Souls games.

I don’t know how dead this topic is, as I never use the TTV boards anymore. However, I need to say the controls are tough to get used to, but once you do you’ll love the game.

Also if anyone ever needs someone to hunt with in MH4U, I’m HR 200+ and willing to do anything that isn’t lv 140 Shagura Magara


I wanted to get monster hunter generations but I didn’t like 4 ultimate cause it was too difficult to avoid attacks when I try to attack and then the monster starts moving and hits me while I’m in end lag, and I saw that they added more mobility in generations. And I haven’t really had a chance to ask anyone.

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I would recomend checking out one of the youtubers I talked about befor for more information on the gameplay. But yeah thanks to the new arts the game make it easier to avoid geting attacked, but the monsters have been given some new tactics as well, also there is aloot of a diffrens between 4U and Gen as in Gen you can do hunts as prowler, (that is the cats) and it made farming quest so faster to do, also there is no G rank like in 4U I dont really want to spoil the monsters or how the game is but if you cant deside to get the game I like I said recomend checking out PakAdiYak. or gaijin hunter Pak do letplays and streams where people can join in for hunts, wile Gaijin do totorials, then there is Omegaevolution who do online hunts with his friends, Also Arekkz Gaming do videos about armor set building. as well as totorials and DLC release videos

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Really? I think that is the difficulty tbh. Once I get to know a monster I never get hit much and know exactly when to attack. Can school Rajang in 15 mins max and hit maybe twice, at most

Wow this looks great, Monster Hunter XX better get a western release too. Hopefully it’ll be harder than Generations thanks to G-Rank being included and Capcom said they toned the difficulty in Generations to leave room for experimentation; now that experimentation is over I hope they don’t do that with this game. The flagship rocket-wing monster gameplay demonstration gives me hope that the difficulty isn’t toned down. Either way hype!

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That flagship monster is probably one of my favorite looking monsters.

Now if a monster hunter game could be released on Xbox one or PS4.

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This is is one thing I wouldn’t want, and even if I did capcom would never do it anyway.

Agree 10,000% on the monster tho, except I think I prefer Hellblade Glavenus and Deviant Astalos a bit more

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