Moose Season

Moose Season

Only the most prime of moose belong on this-here plaque. No substitutes for the best.

antler inspiration from The Electric Moose.


This is just great. The moose head is just great.

This is awesome. Good work!

Hey, that arm piece really works for a moose head

Both the sniper and the Moose look amazing. Great use of that Tridak Pod Holder piece as horns. And I can’t believe how well that Galidor body works as the head!

Reminds me of Open Season, this is great!

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Too bad that movie isn’t really as good as I remembered it being…:disappointed_relieved:

Wow! This is a pretty great MOC, hahah
And I have to agree with the others, that’s an amazing usage of Nepol’s torso. Plus, that sniper rifle looks good as well!