Möram - Lord of the Desert - concept

I have a few MOCs on the go now, but I think that this is my favourite concept drawing…

Hope you like it…


looks too much like a samurai to be a lord of the desert

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Looks pretty good. Love the armor :slight_smile:

I like samurai esque characters.

There’s a nice Samurai-esqe feel to this, good job :smile:

Pretty cool, I like what you have going on with his hand.

One question:
Where’s the head?

Under the hat, where heads normally go, above the shoulders…

looks kinda cool

makes me think of a samurai/mage/thing

It’s got a science fantasy vibe to it

The entire look of it reminds me of Embo.

I do like it. He looks like he might enjoy the desert, and is generally cool.

Dude, your thumbnails are legit.

This looks great!

so cool!