More Art and MoC competitions for characters with no canon depictions?

Personally I think it depends. I’ve seen some very good integration of CCBS with traditional Technic and Bionicle pieces that don’t feel wrong to me. Other times I’d agree that the visual style is too different to feel like something from G1. So I’d vote to allow it in small measures. I wonder what the wider community thinks though


For CCBS/System parts, this is where a fan vote comes in. If the community feel like it doesn’t work, then the MOC is unlikely to win.


I agree. We should make a vote, to see what at least the TTV portion of the community thinks (As I think the better part of the community is here).

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We will handle that.


Just curious, would such fan votes be localized here, as this is where Greg is, or would there be some way to make them known/accessible to the community at large?

I imagine that it could be advertised to those on BZP or something


The polls would be hosted here, but we’d push heavily to spread word to the greater community.


I’m guessing any word of mouth advertising of those polls would be welcome then?

Provided they happen at all, absolutely.


Alright then once the polls are ready or start I shall at least do that

So then should the discussion be only allowing a certain % of CCBS to attempt to remain an adequate G1 aesthetic? Say for example a vote for whether it’s acceptable to have 1/2 parts be G2, or even fewer?
Or would the vote be to only allow certain aspects of G2 present, such as weapons, armors, and masks.

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Not sure if an open vote is the best way to approach this… at least not on this matter on that scale… because let’s say one option gets 40% and the other 60% - I can’t imagine that not exploding into massive arguments everywhere. Or even something like 10% vs. 90% is probably enough.

Personally I’d prefer that whoever judges the MOCs will simply decide the rules and that’s it. Or Greg could simply say what he’d prefer - that would probably be something everyone can live with to some degree.




I personally feel hesitant to allow new system/CCBS, but I also understand that it’s 2020 and not everyone has access to retro parts. All I really want from a contest like this is to be able to build the new mocs for display. It would also be nice if they fit the aesthetic of the other sets from the generation (such as Tuyet being a Mangai build).

Mostly, I would just be glad to fill in the {image not found} areas on the many bionicle wikis.

Excited to see what happens!


I think having new contests like this could be a cool thing and I really hope we can make it happen in a way most people will enjoy it!

I’m personally not too concerned with CCBS/System, I think that’s an issue that will solve itself. If winners are decided by a vote CCBS/system using MOCs would only win if most people think that that MOC is the most fitting. If It’s decided by Jury, I’m sure they would think about the design fitting the character. In some cases I think it would even be fitting for a character to look very different from other beeings.

I think custom/3D printed pieces is a more complex issue. I love all the cool 3D modeled masks that were made in the last years and I think for some characters new pieces would make a lot of sense for their masks especially.
But I agree with what Wolk said:

If a model with a 3D printed piece would be in a canon design, everyone who would like to build that character would need that piece, which puts the creator of said piece in a monopoly like position.
I’m sure a solution to this could be found, for example that all the files of the custom pieces used in the winning model have to be made public. But I don’t know if 3D modelers would be fine with such a rule, I fully understand that they might want to keep their files for themselves.

Another thing I want to throw into the ring I haven’t seen anybody talk about is digital models and painted pieces. Would those be ok?
Modern Lego contests often accept digital models, even if they use recolors of pieces that don’t exist. Most digital programs only have a pretty limited constaction piece selection, but it could get people a chance who don’t have a huge collection.


I mean from the title of this topic, it sounds like they really don’t need to be MOCs at all. A simple drawing could be put in this competition, so why worry about custom pieces, a drawing is acceptable and Lego doesn’t own the materials to make those drawings. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I agree people seem to be forgetting about art-based competitions instead of MoC ones. That’s a really easy way to allow for new designs whilst also completely bypassing the question of 3D printed/custom parts.

Think of how Nikila’s Mask of Possibilities came entirely from art.

For Nidhiki, it would allow for giving him a Mask of Stealth without the water breathing attachment from Nuparu Mahri, without having to dabble in physical custom masks.

It also allows for recolours, such as Varian’s mask which could easily be made blue or gold, instead of the red Calix from Jaller Inika we’d be stuck with in terms of officially released Kanohi Calix.

Other characters without Kanohi, like Lariska or Johmak, would be ideal for MoC competitions however. You don’t really have any restrictions with them other than colour and weapon set (and Lariska’s robotic arm in her case specifically).


I joined this group because of the recent video and I would absolutely adore this! If I could draw, I’d do some concept art. I really want to see this happen!

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