More Bionicle Posters [Magna Stories]

Made two new posters, which represent a certain scene in my fanfic. If you want to see my other posters, you can look them up here: An ever-growing madness [Magna Stories Poster] and A war rages on [Magna Stories Poster]

Theon: “We know us now for a long time. We helped each other quite a lot. You owe me nothing. But I need your help. A war is coming. An unimaginable battle between so many factions. It would result in New Atero’s destruction. Will you fight with me, and alongside the Glatorian and Toa?”
Aretix: “After countless battles against other Skrall tribes, we are exhausted. Without your help, many villages would have been destroyed. We followed you for months, and we will follow you anywhere. Even if this battle will be our last. We all owe you something, bringing us to the right path, which no other being could have done. This will be perhaps our last battle, but we did it at least for a good cause.”

Teridax: “This city, I never saw it with my own eyes.”
Temarik: “Are you sure to help those Toa and Glatorian? They are our enemies. We can’t trust them like they can’t trust us. Why would we join them?”
Zeila: “He is right, my master. Fighting alongside our enemy?”
Teridax: “There is a phrase I rarely use. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Velika wants to destroy this city, a city I want to rule. Our confrontation with the Toa can wait. Until then, we will march into battle with them. Prepare our Vahki legion. They will attack the Canon Bots from the air.”

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