MORE Destiny MOCs

I made some more Destiny mocs, one of which has been in the works since the game was even released.This time I decided to do some action scenes with System! I Substituted Aliens with Orcs since that’s pretty much the closest thing I could get to Fallen. The first Scene takes place on Earth, in the county side of rome.

I decided to place it in rome because there’s no description of what It’s like there after the collapse.

In this shot, a Guardian Titan rides the sparrow while fending off some orcs,

Meanwhile, a Hunter aids him by taking out Orc gunmen with his pistol.

The Orcen Captain commands his troops.

elsewhere, A Warlock finds a valuable loot chest!

In this second, considerably Smaller Moc, we see a Hunter being ambushed by an Orcen overlord on the Moon

Here’s a Picture of the Minifigs used:

Please Let me know what You think! I probably won’t be doing any system for a while, so tell me how I did in terms of the landscape.


I suddenly need to build a system MOC of the Battle at the Twilight Gap.

Aww man those Defenders (That’s what there called right?) are so cool and I love how you used the orcs for Fallen because truth be told they look the same. Also that speeder though is so sick! Great job.

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That made me cry…