More MOCs I made in my free time!

So, I finally got around to making some new things. No, one of them is not the next MOC for my Mahri Nui series, but it is a Constraction MOC. The other two are system. Now, without further ado, on to the MOCs!

First off, we have my Sigfig and his mech, the Nitrogen Nightmare. Yes, that thing in it’s chest is a mouth.

Here it is in it’s more humanoid Flight Mode. Apologies for the glare up in the corner.

I made Balrog. From Cave Story. The video game. He can open. Huzzah.
Some sort of star fighter. Not much to see here.

(Constructive) Criticism is appreciated!


wow you made that mech fast!

The little box is obviously the masterpiece here.

Super Mario Galaxy = DimentioNuva’s approval

That spaceship is pretty swish. I leik

They are all great however i will say that Balrog is a bit plain, however it’s kind of meant to be like that so great work!

So what’s up? You want to fight me with that little pea shooter?

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Oh Yeah!

These are all really nice! I like the spaceship a lot :smiley: