More of my drawings

I was bored and thought I might upload some of the drawings I've held onto for several years.

This first one is a character from a book I am currently working on. The reason his face looks the way it does is for visual effect and ties in with the story's conflict. He also wears a mask akin to that of an insects face for reasons I do not wish to explain (they have to, once again, do with the story)

Next up we have a bit of a strange cryptid esq creature that I envisioned one day for some reason and though it might be cool to draw. A portion near the front of the drawing was edited because I felt it was a bit gory for the message boards.

Lastly, this is another character from my book that serves as not only a major character, but visual symbolism for the nature of the world the book takes place in.


Why is it

that everybody on here

can draw

and the best I can do is this


I can't draw. unless you count the background of my profile as "art"

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You have my attention, as I really like your Artz

Who you talkin' to?

@Stoax ofcourse.

His mask is like Kamen Rider Ichigo crossed with a jet fighter pilot.

Those are pretty neato burrito mang.

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