More Pokémon Fanart?

Unh yeah that’s what I said. I’m better than Jared that’s what I said. (Your actually the coolest person in the world if you get the reference) I got some more Pokémon art for y’all antsy folks here at TTV. Let’s jump right in shall we.

First we take a look at this gourmet scrumptious drawing of a favorite mon of mine in my personal opinion, Scizor, the hydro Dipped Scyther.

Next up we have a delicious combo with fries on the side of Vulpix and Shinx ready for battle,

Now we have the rich little snitch who loves the steel types, Steven stone,

Now we have a sparkly shiny metagross with a large drink on the side. (And maybe a little ketchup?

Now we have the master of swordsmanship. The sharp ghostly Aegislash,

And why not finish this divine meal with the most godly dessert ever, the actual god of Pokémon, Arceus,

Thanks for dining with us. We hope to see you soon.

Thanks for pulling through with that I just wanted to make this topic interesting to read


These look amazing.
This becomes official art /s

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