MORE Signed TTV Stuff

Here are some more signed TTV things I am selling:

(More info on eBay listings)


Kind of just ruins the parts


You don't buy it for the parts, you buy it for the signatures.

I know but... It's just ttv member signatures


Yes, that is the idea.

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Guurahk staff...

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It also has Sharpie on it from where he messed up.

what people will do for money


I just feel like a bigger fan might want these.

I got a good laugh from the good guy, but I wouldn’t buy these. Sorry.

what a great use of money


i'd buy it if i had credit

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As someone who owns signed stuff from TTV idk if I'd personally pay some of these prices for it.

I'lI make you a better deal, any print of my Tribute Project series, on glossy paper, signed on the back for 2 Dollaroonies, or a burnt demo disc of Tanmadance in a jewel case with a paper insert print, CD signed, 5$, plus shipping

p.s. This is a Joke.

I'd buy the masks or Solek if they were still available...