Morph Moth's official mugshot but redrawn by me

morph moth icon redraw

I suppose I’m a Mega Man fan now, especially when it comes to the X series. One day I decided to attempt doing my own redraw of one of my favorite Mavericks: Morph Moth from MMX2. If you’ve seen those redraw challenges on Twitter, this follows suit with that basically.

Barely have I ever done shading and lighting, but working on this really got me to do it. I suppose it turned out fine, but man was getting a good color scheme difficult! At the very least, I feel happy with how this turned out.


Ooh this is good! the shading is really nice. I would say it looks like the colors are really light but that may just be my computer being iffy on colors. Purple can be hard to work with but you’ve got that down pat.

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