Mortal kombat; scorpion & sub zero

Hello, I wanted to share these mocs for a long time, but until today I have missing pieces to complete some details, fortunately they are not so relevant for now.

starting, the ninjas had started in 2015, the problem with these versions was that they were very fragile, in the end I had to decide to disarm them because there was nothing left of the figures.

in 2017 I decided to reconstruct the figures, this time trying to apply more details and being more careful in working the structure of these.


sub zerostarting with the ninja lin kuei, his design is based on the dress of Mortal Kombat X, while the base on which he is posing is inspired by the statue of the character of the same game.not to deal with the construction of elements like skin I decided to use black in those parts inspired by the version of scorpion and sub zero in the video games of injustice.


for the spectral ninja, use the direct reference from Mortal Kombat X, applying in the same way the details of the skin in black.

Scorpion has a pair of swords that can be placed on the back without extra accessories and its characteristic kunai.the base of the scorpion is also inspired by a figure / statue of Mortal Kombat X of the carácter

in both cases the construction used is mixed between elements ccbs, bionicle and system.

I hope you liked it!! Here I will leave some additional images.


Well, these are pretty great, love them.

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oh thanks!!

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The legs seem a bit scrappy. Great MOCs overall, though!

It was the best option in terms of flexibility and aesthetics, it is also very practical since it is easier to transport for events.

Wow! I love them! Nice job.

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Thanks !!