Most creative Bionicle Weapons and Tools

the toa tools have been a main staple of he series. sometimes they were just strait forward weapons, others more new or special works. still, what do you find as the most creative and interesting toa tools

one of my top ones has to be those of matau. they are cool looking swords, but also double as wings, perfectly fitting his role as an air toa. that’s what I love, is when the tools benefit them more than just in battle.


Vakama’s Disc Launcher/Jetpack

I just love Jetpacks thanks to Halo Reach…

And it being also a launcher is very very cool


True, but Lewa has the exact same thing.

Vakama’s Disk Launcher has to be at least one of the most unique Toa Tools. It’s apparently a quite mundane object, used mostly for Kanoka sports. But, it is a powerful launcher in-universe and works as a jetpack.

To me that’s like someone using a tennis-ball launcher or a lacrosse stick as their primary weapon.

And now I feel vindicated.


This is the way.


Though it may not be the most creative, but I really liked how Nokama used her weapons as shields in Legends of Metru Nui.


another i just remembered was nuva gali’s axe’s acting as fins when she swims


Vakama’s Launcher is the best.
Some examples I think are:
Nokama’s Hydro Blades (they do not have an Earth/Human equivavlent, do they?)
Pohatu’s/Pohatu Nuva’s Feet Addititions, Climbing Claws (Kodan Ball) and Twin Propellers (I mean, all of those are really creative).
Tahu Nuva’s (Adaptive Armor) Rotating Fire Blades (Offense+Defense in one tool is cool).
Please make it creative Bionicle tools (instead of Toa only), there just so much more out there.

Edit: since title changed accordingly, I want to mention several more:
Zaktan’s Three-Bladed Scissor (that’s high tech, it is very unique)
Chirox’s Hook Blades (again, I can’t even find a normal human word that will describe those properly, very interesting shape)
Keetongu’s Whirling Shields (Because they are not-so-much-shields. But they are. But not really. Yeah)


Fire Greatswords - so many functions! Swords, shield, lavaboard, flying board.

Her character animation implies water skis (the cable part).



Yeah, what weirdo would do that?


to anybody who charged into battle with a kohlii stick in hand, I salute you

darn kohlii heads


There have been some great responses above, but aside from the aforementioned…

As far as Toa Tools go, I think Varian’s arm blades were pretty cool, especially given that she seemed able to conceal them on demand.

Zamor launchers are also a worthwhile mention when you understand how they actually function in-universe (Glass spheres that intangibly pass through your body before dissipating and unleashing whatever liquid you’ve decided to fill them with prior).

Thornax Launchers are really crazy awesome. Fruit Guns! And you can canonically control how lethal they are depending on the ripeness of the fruit, too!

I’d also like to mention Rhotuka. They’re kind of just boring energy blasts, but what I do think is cool is that these are artificial weapons based on natural ones. Not to mention the really cool canon tidbit that their powers are controlled by the user’s morals and ethics (or lack thereof)! That’s really neat - character insight from how a weapon functions.

And I think the Spear of Fusion is somewhat original, though also pretty messed up.

And of course, anything from a weapon contest is going to be good. So naturally pretty much all of the Xian Weapons are worth mentioning. I particularly like the Twilight Blade, Impact Crystal Launcher, and Eccentric Rock.


My best ToaTool is Vakama’s Disk launcher.
but in Designing, Tahu’s Firesword is the surpreme. it is simple and clean, and perfect! :grinning:


I think Dalus Chargers were pretty awesome as far as weapons go.
They can be used for support, defence or offence, and they offer a lot of different and original ways to use them strategically.
They also have a downside that balances them out and makes them more interesting.

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-Sad squid launcher noises-


I know, right? If I had to choose between a frisbee launcher and being able to shoot literal squids, the squids win every time.


Brutaka’s rotating blades, Axonn’s axe, Pridak’s Shark Tooth Blades, Hydraxon’s triple wrist blade.

But I’m a glutton for Karzahni’s flaming chains and The Shadowed One’s Staff of Protodermis.