Most epic Bionicle villain team ever

Lava Chicken Bionicle

Bio: A serial killer toa of fire was transformed by a psychic bionicle.
Status: Slaughtering matoran
Hobbies: Slaughtering matoran
Language: Slaughtering matoran
Employment: Slaughtering matoran
Favorite Color: Slaughtering matoran
Favorite Band: Slipknot
Favorite Characters: Freddy Krueger, Vecna, Fire Lord, and Lava Beast.

Garrobo Bionicle

Bio: Former le matoran lawyer turned into a lizard swamp thing beast.
Status: Simp
Name: Alvin Flang
Favorite Band: Gipsy Kings
Language: Can only speak Spanish.
Court Cases Won: -1
Court Cases Lost: 2,872
Favorite Pastime: Rating She-Hulk: Attorney at Law a 10/10 with alt accounts and arguing with people on reddit.
Favorite Color: GREEN!
Favorite Characters: Saul Goodman, Phoenix Wright, Shrek, Eljay, She Hulk.

Blizzard Bionicle

Bio: Former toa who was transformed into a monster and he doesn’t know why.
Status: Used to be Lonely, still sad.
Friends: 5
Favorite Game: Geometry Dash
Disabilities: Massive upper legs and mushy lower legs.
Abilities: Can open jaw.
Favorite Character: Mr. Freeze (Batman and Robin addition), Frozone, Jesse Pinkman, and ice cube.

The Pebble Bionicle

Bio: The Ignika turned a rock alive.
Status: Identity crisis
Hobbies: Leader of the URRA (Universal Rock Rights Association).
Language: Just learned English yesterday.
Favorite Characters: The Mountain, The Boulder, and The Rock.
Quote: “Pohatu killed my entire family.” - The Pebble

Vampire Bionicle

Bio: Grieving boyfriend onu matoran turns himself into a vampire.
Status: Severe physiological damage, maybe a bit of OCD too.
Favorite Music Genres: Hip hop and any music coming from Castlevania.
Favorite Song: Ghost Town by the worst human being ever created.
Favorite lego sets: 8691, 8692, 8693
Favorite Clothing: Cape
Hobbies: Crying and dismembering matoran body parts.
Favorite Characters: Dracula, Alucard, and Playboi Carti.

Crab Man Bionicle

Bio: Ussal Crab goes to gym, now he’s big.
Status: Chad
Hobbies: Stealing girlfriend crabs and gym.
Favorite Song: Aquatic Ambiance (guitar version) [Only on Newgrounds].
Language: Crab Tongue
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Sound: Mr. Crabs walking.
Favorite meme: Blue lobster meme
Favorite Characters: Larry the lobster, Mr. Crabs, and Carapar

The Squad:


He is a hero in my eyes :pleading_face:

I love the zany lore for these guys and even details like the Mug Shot style photos for their bios.


ah yes the scavengers of bionicle!

All six builds are pretty good, and I love that crazy lore! Great job!


Nice builds. They definitely look like a cohesive team. Poor pebble


the looks great together!
1 like = one prayer for pebble


the boys are all together


I love whatever story universe you’re piecing together here


This is perfect. I love it. The bios, the madcap lore, all of it is impressively great. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.


The crew looks great, and their bios are hilarious. I could easily see Crab Man producing a 30-Day Guide to Getting Totally Shredded. =P


The Mug Shots are great!


Me and the boys about to go switch road signs and clog sewer drains


Me and the bros about to make some problems worse…


LMAO yes! Absolute legends.

Thank you! I was really trying to go for that. The main thing they all have in common is that they’re all monsters who used to be normal.

Not too sure how he became the moc of the people. If I’d have to rank them from how proud I am of building them, it’d be:

  1. Garrobo
  2. Lava Chicken
  3. The Pebble
  4. Vampire
    Tie last place: Blizzard and Crab Man

Sadly, this is probably going to be the last time I do something like this. My parts supply is running so low, to the point where I’ve completely ran out of ball with socket hole and voodoo ball pieces. During the creation process of last two in the squad, Garrobo and Blizzard, I had to be creative since I didn’t have those pieces. Blizzard was especially difficult since I already had 3 white bionicle mocs already made and white pieces were running thin.

So this was basically my magnum opus for moc making, at least until I decide to take apart some mocs.

“Helping the toa Mahri is killing your gains.” Proceeds to show strongest Jaller fan vs weakest Carapar enjoyer (him)

They’re looking forward to commencing forth a bit of chicanery and tomfoolery.


what a positively cantankerous group of hooligans
nice mocs


you are right this is the best evil team I’ve ever seen move over barraiki come in these guys want to build them but don’t have the parts

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