Most Hated Video Game Villain/Characters

There are always “those” types of characters that you just can’t stand. They might be annoying, or just plain immoral. List your least favorites here. You can pick any characters, but villains are what we’re mainly looking for here.

For me, I’d have to say Porky Minch from the Mother series. He has to be, without a doubt, the most vile, detestable, and disgusting character that I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. I almost wish that his fate was worse than what actually happened in the end.

Dr. Weil from the Mega Man Zero series is a runner up.

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I just hate how he talks that’s all

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Leia from tales of xillia

What’s bad about her? I looked her up (never played any of the tales games) and she just seems kind of annoying.

I just don’t like her, I don’t like anything about her. She’s way to obsessed with the main character, she has really bad attacks, her “healing” spells are trash. I just don’t like her. She is just a watered down Ellie. (Another character in the game.) I feel like I’m entitled to my opinion, if she’s your favorite character, fine. I just DONT like her.

I didn’t even know who she was, I just wanted to know why you didn’t like her :imp:

If there’s a Hunger Games video game than I’d say Katniss.

Oh… :no_mouth:

Freaking Shadow the Hedgehog. Hate that guy with a passion.

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The captain of the Vaun Braun from SS2. Betrays his crew to join a euphoric hivemind and helps in the assimilation of his crew, and you finally fight him as this disgusting spinal ribcage projecting a flying pair of lungs that attacks you.

And Master Albert from ZXA. A misguided insane ruler with a God-complex? Never saw that in a post classic game before.

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At least Albert didn’t drop a freakin’ space station on the Earth and KILL THE MAIN PROTAGONIST like Weil did.

With that in mind, I hate Albert even more. A lot of the stuff he pulled made the sacrifices from the previous games meaningless (and therefore expanding the conflict cuz these games needed plot).
Nothing against Weil though. It’s just I love to hate him, compared to the former who I just hate.

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The Ur-Didact was always annoying, specifically his armies of Prometheans.

Lillie from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

“Leave me alone, I’m not in love with you, now go away and STOP DRAGGING ME INTO YOUR FAMILY PROBLEMS!”

how dare you

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I do what I like. :stuck_out_tongue: Lillie is evil. :stuck_out_tongue: If she hadn’t eaten here vegetables at the dinner table like Lusamine asked none of this would happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cabis Vul is easily the worst robbie rotten adaptation from the books to the game… Let’s be honest.

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So it’s completely alright for Lusamine to become addicted to an alien, abandon her kids, and pretty much send a bunch of aliens to wreck havoc on Alola while allowing gangsters like Team Skull to thrive? Lillie abandoning her mom is a BAD thing because she stood up to her corruption?

Right. Lillie is totally in the wrong here. Yep.


No…I was joking (and for the record I never said I don’t hate Lusamine).

Don’t make me fight Calcabrina again, please Square Enix. I don’t need to relive my childhood fear of glass dolls.

Grade A soundtrack, though.