Most hyped for game?

oh and I am hyped for: kh3 (kingdom hearts 3)…actually thats the game I am most hyped for, anything else is nothing to me

Halo: Master Chief Collection


So far I’m most hyped for Destiny. The Beta lived up to and soared past the hype.


Super Smash Bros 2014

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@legomaster1378 everyone may hate me for this but I havent played a single halo game
@ToaVuhii sound cool, might buy it
@Hawkflight I plan on getting it, I also have never played smash bros…please dont hurt me, but I am ready to lose!


I’ve only played Smash Bros. once in my life. I was hyped for the 2014 game before I had played though.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It can’t come any sooner.

I’m hyped for a console exclusive when I don’t own a single working console. I think we’re even :wink:

The new RollerCoaster Tycoon recently announced, and the new Battlefront DICE is working on.

I’m most hyped for the game Evolve, I played it a PAX east and it was awesome.

Most hype for games in history would I think be COD and Pokemon. For me personally, it was infamous second son and Pokemon mystery dungeon sky explorers.

DOOM 4, Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Destiny, Halo 3 PC/Halo Master Chief Collection PC, and more!

Guess how many games I put in this post that are not announced yet.


Xenoblade Chronicles X

half-life 3 >=)

Good luck with that one, man. Try not to hold your breath, though.

The Three Threes of Valve: Half Life 3, Portal 3, and Team Fortress 3.

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it was a joke :stuck_out_tongue: i have never played any half life games

The Crew. Hands down looks ammmaaaaaaziiinnng!!! Played the beta and I think I cried.

Oddly, Disney Infinity 2.0. It looks like it’s going to be a much better and less empty game!

pokeman omega rubies and alpha sapphires

gr8 g@m3s m8s

pokemata omega tahu and alpha kopaka

GOTTA GO FA- wait thats not this

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