Motor Centaur: Dusty V1.5

I think that this version of Dusty does look better than his previous version, but not enough to warrant making him V2

The only real changes here are the implementation of a Rahkshi torso (thank you @Brunamal) And the addition of a more wheel well like design on the front.

Also, yes I am aware of the two different colored parts on the front along with the two different colored spears. It will all be fixed in due time. Hopefully.

Again, this is mostly based on the roboriders set, Dust, hence the name. And, if you couldn’t tell, this is supposed to be like a centaur, except instead of the bottom half being a horse, this one is a motor cycle.

Also, please excuse the broken Rahkshi piece, it was the first one I found, plus I think it adds a little bit on personality.


What I said before still holds true. The front wheel looks a bit nicer, and I think I was right when I said the Rahkshi torso would help. Good job! :smile:

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I just noticed that little exhaust pipe in the back lol

Looks like a mutated Roborider! :laughing:

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