Motor Centaur: Dusty

You know how a centaur is a horse person? Well, this is a motor cycle person.

This is inspired by and uses pieces from the roboriders set, dust. Hence the name.

I guess it is kind of weird that his hands are on the handle bars, considering that they're part of him, but I still think it looks cool.

The model also uses wheels from dust. I have two o f the set, so that's why it features four of them

For a MOC that didn't take to long to build and is relatively simple, I'm pretty satisfied. Also, yes, I know,that one spear is titanium latalic and the other one is black. If I find another one in either color I'll change it.


Cool. I'm gettin some mad max vibes from this

Really cool, but that tubing is awkward.

You mean tubing? Yeah, it looks weird, but since there soft rubber, is still rolls fine.

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Nice. It kind of looks like an infected Roborider.

This is cool, I get a little Mad Max vibe from it.

Never thought I'd live to see a Roborider MOC. Nice work.

Beep beep gotta go cleanse Mata Nui :stuck_out_tongue:
The dood up top is a bit small, maybe give him a Rahkshi middle torso (the geared bit) if you have one, or something like that.

I'll try that. Thanks!

What a day

A matoran and a robo rider had a baby.

What a lovely day!

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