Mountain Dew MOC

mountain dew moc I built a snake because I don’t know how to build a full bionicle. <img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/4/d/4db3b042fbf2a81ca1b247fe8fb11bd7c9c95522.jpg"


Don’t worry it will take time :wink:


Are you saying snakes aren’t full Bionicles?

It’s actually kinda cool, really.


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This happens when you hit post before the images finish loading.

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You can see the dew flowing through his veins… make all the shells trans green for ultimate dew mode

Thanks do u have any idea I could add legs to him to make him insect

strangely enough, I kind of like this little guy.

@Rockho I would but sadly I don’t have enough trans pieces