Mounted Dermis Cannon

this is of my smallest M.O.Cs, it is a mounted cannon that fires energised protodermis, it stands on a tripod base and can pivot both horizontally and vertically and is controlled by one Matoran/Agori or can be converted into an automatic sentry turret

I am aware that the front blaster piece does break up the color scheme, I was intending of making that feature gun metal but I only had that blaster in red

hope you like this one


Hey there, welcome to the Boards! I really like this!

I agree that the bright red kinda breaks the colour scheme (it’s great that you can see it). Since you don’t have a gunmetal HF blaster, how about trying to add a bit more red throughout the model in order to distribute the colours more evenly?

In addition, I recommend photographing future MOCs on a clean featureless background. It’ll make your creations look 10x better. Check out this topic for some more tips on photography.

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That looks really cool! I gotta say that it’s a cool concept and as @legomaster1378 said, adding some more red around the thing (maybe replace the tripod stand blades with red ones from Raanu or something). Keep it up!

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Was expecting a turtle cannon


@CrimsonShadow11 the red does make a rather sharp contrast, but otherwise this is pretty good.

You mean like this :stuck_out_tongue::


Pretty cool little Moc. :+1:

That one’s not mounted, though- it’s on wheels.

I really wanted a dermis turtle version of this.

Isn’t this the dermis turtle tho


@Mrblackpants yep thats the dermis turtle

@Drahcir_Nosnevets lol a turtle cannon doesn’t sound like a bad idea :joy:

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Well-built for a small turret, I would suggest adding another color at the bottom.

Yeah, that’s the official one, but I used a version made by biotuber callan.

Apart from the bright red, this does look like a neat little design overall.

Besides the contrast of the red, which is not too bad, I really like the look of this!