Movie-style Toa Metru

I have built Toa Vakama in Studio 2.0 as I plan on having him in my story of Toa Sayyadina and the re-emergence of energized protodermis.

In my story, Vakama and the rest of the Toa Metru will receive their Toa forms again when the Vortixx send an army to attack Metru Nuva. Feel free to add your own versions of these Toa on this post!


Nice, looks alot more movie-like than the actual set.

He looks neat. How does it look from other angles?

Very accurate. Not much to say other than that.

Yes, I just made him to look like the movie version.
I also made Nokama, but I messed up a little on her body.
The hips are attached in a very awkward way, so she looks really stretched out.
Too tall, I mean.