Movies concept art

Here's the link posted by BZPower on their Facebook page. It's some pretty interesting concept art of first three movies. Feel free to discuss

I noticed few things. First, they really -like REALLY- focused on making Nokama look feminime.
But it's nothing compared to Makuta's prison. I have absolutely no idea what it is and what was its purpose and there are even two ways to understand the name. It can either be a place where Makuta was prisoned or a place where he prisoned his victims. Your thoughts?


That, my friend, is the proto-Prison of the Dark Hunters. The place where Nuju, Onewa, and Whenua were trapped following the scene in the Colosseum.


lewa had toes n one of those concept arts, that's interesting

But the other Toa didn't... now that's interesting. Also, Pohatu had his foot additions but I don't remember of he had them in movie.

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... Nuju is a turtle

also effeminate Nokama is more female then Roodaka

Them backgrounds tho

I think I saw this a couple months ago.

Yep, they paid more attention to making Nokama seem feminine than Roodaka, even when she's a Hordika.

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This one intrigues me... (Hint; Look at the symbols)


shoutout to the okoto symbols on makuta's mask right there


Nidhiki's head looks pretty cool, as does Pohatu's feet kickers. And dang... somebody REALLY liked Nokama . Also, does Gali have a hidden blade? It looks like a little water shooter on her wrist.