Moving the mask of time fragments (pitch)

So during the most recent podcast, there was a small discussion on the mask of time and why it didn’t freeze the rahi. The (temporary) solution that appeared was that the fragments always returned, after the use of the mask, to the same spots and these spots are immune to the freezing of time. Therefore rahi could live here and form a challenge.

Here is where my pitch starts and tries to expand the idea. So as stated before, in a unspecified circumference around the fragments “landing apots”, time is always moving, even if the island is frozen. But in my version, the landing spots aren’t immune to the power of the mask of time, the individual fragments are. The circumference can therefore move with the fragments. So if the toa pick up fragment and walk around with it, it might unfreeze certain parts of the island. This allows for interactions between the toa and rahi. But now with an added effect.

For example, a toa comes across a fight between matoran and a rahi. Before this was frozen in time, but now it continues. So the toa beats the rahi and this side story ends with the matoran maybe excepting that he or she has to be frozen again, as it is to dangerous to follow the toa in his or her journey. It will be a heart felt moment and the toa in question learns a powerful lesson or something alike.

I feel there are more option to be explored with my pitch. So please tell me if you think it is even a good idea and in case you do, maybe tell me how you think it can help the story (or create a fun side-story/filler episode/set).