Based on the prototype visorak, built as part of a collab with Leonid An, Space Glove, and Red



This looks awesome! What piece did you use for the face?

Cheers! Fire Lord/Drilldozer helmet from HF’s 2nd wave.

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oh, ok, now I see it, thanks!

Now this is a Visorak! The legs are quite impressive, and the head looks fantastic as well.


I love the way you used all those Hero Factory masks!

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The amount of details put into this is simply incredible!

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Oh this, this is impressive, with the color blocking it fooled me into thinking this was a high quality figure from takara or something, but no! (Also just noticed that the fact that this is a computer render helps) After a closer look, I was able to spot the LEGO parts. Amazing job 10/10


Amazing work, love the way you’ve made the legs.

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Those legs are perfection, 11/10.

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I absolutely love this design. I still need to take a few moments every time I look at it to remind myself that this is made of LEGO.

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I took me more then a few looks to identify any lego parts other then the pinsers.

I really love the legs, I feel like the articulation for those must be a lot of fun to mess around with. Does it have a launching mechanism for the spinner?

I really like the shocks used in the legs! The face kinda reminds me of the arachnix drone from Hero Factory.

I really like the proportions you gave it. Great work!

those legs are truly a masterpiece

Awesome moc, doesn’t look like lego. For those curious what the thorax part is, it’s the battery cap for an electric boat motor.