Mr.Freeze moc

“Have you ever seen a flower die? Something so full of life, just collapse and freeze.” Well this man has, Mr.Freeze.

Created by DC Comics, Mr.Freeze is an enemy of batman. My Mr.Freeze moc has a freeze gun, the suit, and more. Now, the back. Now, the side.And finally the freeze gun. Now, be careful and call batman if this freezing villain comes after you.


He looks alright. The back of his legs and his feet are a bit much, and the arms seem stumpy(then again if you’re going for an Arkham game feel I can sorta see it). He’s very creative!

Yeah, I went for a mix between Arkham City and the Cold, cold heart dlc.

Nice. It’s a little clunky, but it’s still the Mr. Freeze we know and love. I think you should have filled out the whole dome, but this is still a pretty good MOC.

I don’t think the Skull armor on the feet really work, I would remove those and go more for straight up robotic shell boots. The back of the legs also stick out because of the armor, I would find a different way to do that. The front of him looks pretty good, but maybe pose him a little better, because right now it looks a little awkward!

Where’s Arnie?

Who is Arnie?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

In the pit of disappointment along with his performance and Joel Schumacher

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this looks funny but at the same time kind of awesome