Mr. Jack O’Lantern

A welcome guest at any party.


WOW! The shaping is amazing! I love everything about it!

HOLY GADUNKA! This is amazing!! How did you even put that matoran mask?!? HIS SHAPE IS GREAT!!

That Orange Ruru looks fantastic as a pumpkin head! Amazing job!

I love it! He looks like a pretty solid dude!

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Fantastic as always. Great job!

This is amazing! I love the upside down Ruru for the pumpkin face.

He’s invited to my Halloween party for sure! Looks like a stand-up guy!

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Not gonna lie, I thought his head was actually a pumpkin. The shaping here is phenomenal, and those darn HF feet actually look natural for once.

Suave! Props for fantastic shaping!

Absolutely amazing. The hat, the ‘pumpkin,’ the hands, especially the coat. All of it looks great.

I wonder how you placed the hat on the ruru…

@TheChosenOne I just spent 2 hours looking at your mocs on Flickr, what the heck! How is it possible to be that good!?

Very spooky. I like those fingers