Mr. Kohlii-Head Guy Reviews General Grievous

Name: General Grievous
Set #: 75112
Parts Count: 186 Pieces (2 extra)
Price: $35

Born Qyman jai Sheelal on the planet of Kalee, General Grievous started life as the son of a warlord in the midst of the Huk War, a struggle between the Kaleesh and the insectoid Huk. Grievous grew to be an astounding participant in the war, slaying many Huk. But when the Huk beckoned the Jedi for assistance, Grievous lost his fiancé to battle. Saddened greatly, Qymaen changed his name to Grievous, what he would be from then on.

When flying to another continent on Kalee, his shuttle abruptly crashed into the seas, due to bomb secretly planted by Count Dooku. Grievous barely sutvived. His unconcious body was retrieved be the Seperatists, and he was put in a bacta tank to keep him alive. Approached by a leader of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, he reluctantly agreed to be transformed into a cyborg. After intense surgery, he arose as a droid, only the gutsac which contained his vital organs and the cold, menacing eyes behind the mask shaped like the bone mask he wore when alive reminded others of his past self.

General Grievous is my favorite Star Wars character of all time. And seeing him immortalized into Lego like this overjoys me.

For once, he brings with him a plethora of CCBS shells in a new color–tan. His build is extremely intricate, and a pleasure for anyone experienced in constraction building. He does not include a gearbox or function like the BIONICLE figures, but that leaves room for a complex and interesting build.

His back is covered with two Size-6 shells. Relative to his body, that’s nothing. The figure stands a whopping 12.5 inches tall, height mostly consisting of his legs.

Speaking of his legs, they are glorious. Although not nearly as armored up as his torso, the armor that is there gets the point across. For me, the feet are a real downer. They’re stable, don’t get me wrong, but they’re inaccurate to how his feet should look like.

The head mold is very well done. The ‘teeth’ bits are coated in silver and the eyes are printed in an appropriate dark red and yellow. It connects to a Size-3 bone via a socket similar to a shell, making it hard to crack. The printed add-on gives more detail to the figure. It shows his gutsac, and you can make out the cracks on his armor he received by Mace Windu when he kidnapped Palpatine, handing him his infamous cough.

Via a couple of Technic connectors, you can actually combine his four arms into two. It actually has a good range of posability, sans wrist. Four lightsabers, two in trans-light blue and two in trans-apple green, are included in the set. The blades are rubbery and flexible, to not cause injury (ironically what a lightsaber is supposed to do). The hilt pieces are just glorified Technic axle connecters, albeit with more friction.

Posability while he has four arms is tremendous. This is by many, many ball joints, even giving him limited shoulder articulation. His shoulderpads bulk it up, but not by much. The model has 22 open balljoints. This makes him look lanky and unfinished. This being 5 more US Dollars than Ekimu Vs. Kulta, I’m pretty sure they could’ve thrown in a couple more shells in. If you only want this for parts, this is a treat. It uses 31 CCBS bones, sans the HF torso pieces. And with all its tan shells, it is a MoCist’s dream. If you’re just a filthy casual, however, it is still a must buy, WAY better than the version in '07.

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u muzt by this dis iz kool


As an owner of the set I must agree, he is undoubtly the best CCBS Titan to date. Buy him now.

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Excellent review, albeit with a few typos here and there. Grevious is perhaps my favorite of the Star Wars CCBS line (not to mention my favorite Star Wars character) since his design really captures Grievous’s character and he has a lot of playability from what it seems. Also, gotta love all that tan!

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ftfy <3

I agree with this review, Grievous is amazin’

What a lovely parts pack you have there.

I actually got this set a while ago. Its an amazing set, but not without its flaws. I’ll probably go and add some gun metal shells to him when I get home. Though my biggest complaint would have to be that he didn’t come with a cape. Every version of Grievous that I have seen has a cape. Vader got a cape, so I don’t see why he couldn’t.

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i added gunmetal shells on his upper arm bones, as they were naked
i also fixed his legs to allow for more dynamic poses while still retaining something of stability

Another mod I did was that I added one of those newer claw pieces to the back of his feet. One on each, both attached to the inner side. I also took of the grey connection pieces in the arms and rotated the shells, to make the arms looks better.

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I think the only thing that could improve the set would be one of his iconic capes however it would definitely raise the price and it’s not like they aren’t out there

sacrifice darth vader to the scrap gods and give his cape to grievous

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