"Mr. Olympia" WIP Moc

This is just a moc I’ve been working on for a while now. The name is just a joke because I based how I wanted it to look off bodybuilders. It’s pretty much done I’m now just working on the thighs and bulking up the shoulders and back as well as getting the parts to make the hands completely black. hope to hear what you guys think any any suggestions you might have. Thanks.

(btw I know the pictures are kinda bad)


Pretty good so far, but the things that need bulking up are stuff that you said are stuff you are working on, so no qualms there. I really dig the feet and silhouette. I would suggest adding an accent color to spice up the all black color scheme.

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Not bad so far. Liking those feet.

My advice is to bulk and armor up the torso and thighs more, if possible! Otherwise, you have a great start here! :smile: