Mrblackpants and the Quest for Bionicle 2016

So my friend decided to write a story about me and how excited I was to get the new bionicle sets. It is so great (maybe), I have decided to share it with you.

Chapter 1

I'm sorry


There seems to be a missing portion of the this a legit story?

Fixed. @Rockho yes, this is a legit story.


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I'm actually not like that, just for joke purposes.

Beginning chapter 3 tomorrow!

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Too. Much. Perfect.

Appreciate it @BorisTheBiomech

Chapter 4 and 5 are on this way. Expect this to be a very long book

I'm ready to travel the US to get mai bonkles

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Chapter 5 and 6 on its way!

Both chapters are taking a long time. So be patient!

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The chapters here are rough drafts, I haven't did the final drafts. They will be updated soon

Chapter 6 and 7 are on both its ways :wink:

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Technically since @Scrublord454 is writing this, I am letting him post the rest of the story. cuz before he didn't know how to upload images.

And I don't want to post everything for him.

Sorry for the delay. Also @Mrblackpants, Watch out for Shrek.

Also I'm running out of ideas for chapters. I'll accept request or ideas from you guys

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