Mrblackpants plays DooM!

Yo, Every week I’m gonna upload an episode of my Let’s play of DooM! Please like and subscribe and all that jazz
Tell me what you think as well!

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You were so close to finding the chainsaw in E1M2 that I almost died. You shot the right wall and everything. You also missed the chaingun in that level, too.

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I knew I was missing something lol
I just looked up how to get it
Holy crap you’re right I was soooo close

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Oh hey look, Chex Quest!

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######I don’t get it

Chex Quest is a reskinned version of DooM :wink:

Fixed that for you.


Also a true statement.

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Actually my bad, I thought @Mrblackpants was a Master still.

I’ll reopen it once he regains it.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand reopened

Episode 2 is up!

Please check out episodes 3, 4, and 5

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ayoo, episode 6 my dudoos

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