MSEP's Weapon Topic!

So, I have been wanting to create one of these topics for a while, and after some encouragement from other members of the community, I have decided to do so. This is a topic devoted solely to the weapons I have built for my MOCs over the past two years. Some of them may look familiar, and some of them may not, as their respective MOCs have not been posted on the forum at this point. Here we go in no particular order!

Starting off with the largest weapon I have built so far, we have Diaa's Gavel and its four forms. Diaa, The Forms of the Gavel

The goal behind this weapon was to create a hammer that could change form according to Diaa's ability to manipulate constructs of light. I also wanted to use my trans purple parts.

Next up we have Ahi's Plasma Blade!
Ahi's Plasma Blade
When I was building this weapon, I wanted to design a lightsaber-like weapon that could one day plausibly exist. The idea is that Ahi uses his elemental energy to create plasma in the weapon's hilt. The energized gas is released on one side of the were it is shot to the tip of the blade. Magnets in the central column keep the plasma in a steady stream. The plasma is rerouted in the tip of the blade where it is shot back to the hilt to be reenergized. The concept is not perfect, but it makes more sense than lightsaber's do. The tip of the blade is covered in a sharpened metal edge. This weapon would unfortunately not be effective for thrusting.

Next up, we have Bireos's broadsword and crossbow.
Bireos, Arsenal

The broadsword does not have a realistic explanation. It is just meant to be the combination of a chainsaw, sword, and lightsaber. The crossbow was designed with function in mind. It is able to shoot a bolt using a spring on the bolt. The spring is from a mechanical pen that I disassembled. Additionally, the bow could be folded into a bludgeoning weapon. A video of the bow firing can be found here:

Now, we have Krona's Clock Blade.
Krona, Chakram Timepiece

This one was inspired by Indian Chackrams and Chinese Sun and Moon blades. Also, there is the obvious concept of a weaponized clock.

Coming up is Gaxello's Bow-sword.
Gaxello, Sword Form
Gaxello, Bow Form

The goal of this design was to create a weapon that had an ethereal appearance and could switch from ranged to melee modes. This is a concept that you will see again from me soon.

Now we have some weapons from MOCs I have not posted yet. First we have Exim's Energy Kusarigama.
Exim, Energy Kusarigama

This weapon is very simple in design, but it has some elegance to it. The kusarigama's wielder is a Toa of energy, and he could use the chain to absorb energy from his surroundings and use it for his attacks. The Toa himself is not one I am particularly proud of, but I am happy with his weapon. He was built for completion of a team rather than inspiration.

Second, we have Teera's Wing of Shadow.
Teera, Wing of Shadow

The wing's wielder was a heroic female Toa of Shadow who fought alongside the Toa of Okoto. I will likely post her soon on the message boards. The sword was designed to have a shape that reflected Teera's control over darkness.

Third we have Ceth's Switch Blades and Bo Staff.
Ceth, Weapons
These weapons have my recurring spiked motif. They are pretty simple in build, but they can switch from swords to scythes to pikes. They can also be combined to form a shield or S shaped staff. The Bo staff is essentially just a stick. The user of these weapons is Ceth, a Conduit of the same race as Ahi who fought in the Predecessor-Conduit War.

Next up, we have the original weapon I intended for Ryylem. Here is the Prism Blaster-blade. Prism Blaster-bladePrism Blaster-blade

This weapon was a mess. It was meant to be a sword that convert to a light blaster. It was very unstable, it was fragile, and the sword mode looked pretty bad. The gun mode was fine though.

And finally, we have my most recent weapon, Ryylem's Naginata.
Ryylem, Naginata
Ryylem, Naginata, gun

This weapon can easily convert (without disassembly) from a long Naginata to a gun of sorts. Additionally, the weapon can fold into a sheathed mode (not shown because it is ugly). For a video of the transformation, click here:

So, yeah! That is my weapons topic. These are just about all the weapons I have designed for MOCs in the last two years. There are a few others, but they are not really worth mentioning. (i.e. they were a stock part with a few studs added.) If you guys have any comments, questions, or advice I would love to here them. I would also love to here if any of you are interested in seeing the MOCs mentioned above (Exim, Teera, and Ceth). Thanks!


these are wonderful! Keep up moccing!

these are amazing, really like the bayonet one

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These are very creative!

Pretty cool. Very unique designs.

some of these weapons are very Bleach like
but nice job

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Very cool

Love these weapons. The favorite has got to be the gun-sword.

These have to be some of my favorite custom BIONICLE weapons ever, I can't think of one flaw with any of them.

Interesting coincidence. I have never seen Bleach, so that is interesting that the similarities exist.

Thanks everyone!


The Bow Sword, the Switch Blade, and the Nagitana have a rather Bloodborne like feel to them. The Switch Blade in particular looks like a combination of the Burial Blade, and the Saw Cleaver.

These are amazing. Great job! :smile:

I have to say, I've never seen a topic/post dedicated entirely to preexisting weapon MoCs. These all look great! I might have to take some inspiration from them in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the bow, might use a similar design for a replacement for Umarak's

i really like the look of these weapons ! especially the one that converts into the gun !

The switch blades were marginally inspired by the a poster I saw for Bloodborne, but the inspiration for the others came from other sources.

Thanks! Go for it! I am glad you like them.

Sounds good! Best of luck!

Thanks everyone!

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