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As of late, I have been absorbed into the internet phenomenon that is Homestuck, a webcomic on the website MSPaintadventures, and my lord it’s something. With the recent update, (and since it’s also technically over,) I figured that I’d open up a topic for another one of my favourite things on the internet.
If you hadn’t read it before, It’s quite the time investment, so be warned! this is not a webcomic for the weary, and it’s certainly not for everyone. There’s also an upcoming spinoff game titled Hiveswap, so I can imagine discussion regarding that can be held here as well.

I sold my soul to hussie :no_mouth:


I read it for maybe twenty minutes before getting bored of it.

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I read the whole thing last summer while I was recovering from a sunburn. It was pretty decent, though there was a point at which it seemed boring and drawn out. Too many characters I didn’t care about when we got into troll ghosts, alternate carapacian people, etc. Also, it kind of made me mad that Jack(and a number of other old characters on and off) just sort of became irrelevant after being the absolute scourge he was earlier on. That whole drag kind of keeps me from recommending it to people. If I hadn’t already been stuck at home I probably wouldn’t have read the whole thing.

Despite that, the first and last story arcs, music, character design, and just general creativity keep it in a positive light for me.

I watched a dubbed series on YouTube. It was pretty good, but I lost interest around Act 5.

This ^

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So… Hiveswap is set to come out September 14th…
I guess the time has come for the Homestuck fandom to… [s] RISE UP.