Murder on the Orient Express

Anyone else see Murder on the Orient Express? I didn’t see any posts about it under ‘movies,’ but it’s the first in a long time I would definitively call good.
Kenneth Branaugh and Johnny Depp are fantastic even outside of Shakespeare and Pirates, respectively. All the parts were well written, really.
Anyway, it’s absolutely worth watching and sparking a conversation about.

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havent seen it, but i might give it a watch

I thought it was supposed to be pretty disappointing.

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It was pretty ok. The affects were pretty bad. They made really good use of the fact it was on a train with interesting camera angles And the acting was good.

Murders are pretty disappointing, aren’t they? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Okay, if all you ever watch is Marvel movies and Star Wars prequels, then you won’t like it.
It’s a murder mystery with only one superhero, and his powers are limited to detective work and moustache growing. It’s based on the Agatha Christie novel. She didn’t write about fantasy worlds where people can jump really high; it’s realistic and intellectual. The movie revolves around a plot, not computer generated effects. Don’t knock a movie just because nobody uses their elemental powers.

I really liked this movie. The characters were fun, and the plot was engaging.