Just a revamp of @Toa_Radrix’s Murzahk from the 2059 RP.

Source material:


When I first saw this I was like, wait, what?!? Why did you choose my character?

As for the MOC, I admit, my version is kind of bad. You certinatly made it better, with the nice use of Nex 3.0 heads as the knees.


I like this, it’s pretty cool

I’m kind of hoping you do Scrapprr next

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Great revamp, 8/10

He actually made a figure of Scrapper on an old RP signup topic:

However, he hasn’t posted an official page on the MOC.

Yeah, plus he can redo it better

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Yeah, I wonder what Scrapper would look like in his other forms, like his Majestic League Form, his Death Race form (In which he basically has a more technologically advanced version of his armor) and his 2059 form.

I’ve been working on all of this for some time, and I’m attempting to design him like an action figure; being highly detailed and poseable, with little extra accessories and weapon blast pieces. I have to admit, the original Arena Battle Scrapper moc is very outdated, and is more like concept art than anything. I’m also trying to make Scrapper’s unarmoured regular form from the end of Arena Battle, as well as the other 3 versions.



Also, something to note:

I imagine Death Race Scrapper to have a silver-translucent red color scheme

Ok this discussion got much too far away from Murzahk, discuss that on a Scrapper MOC.

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