Music Overload: The Fold Releases 4 New Ninjago Songs on 2/23/15

This is so exciting the fold just released 4 songs earlier this morning. they are:
21st Century Ninja
Back To Ninjago
Enter the Tournament
and The Ninja Roll

So what are your opinions on the songs? I LOVE them. Let me know.

P.S. here is the link to 21st Century Ninja Official Music Video:


I really like Weekend Whip - The Anacondrai Remix. Best remix of that song so far.


I'm amazed they've made so many songs for Ninjago. It's quite impressive.


And now they've made music videos for all of them too. thats even more impressive

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As of actually bothering to listen to all of them, I can say without a doubt that Back to Ninjago is my favorite, and 21st Century Ninja my least favorite.

see its the exact opposite for me with Enter the Tournament and Ninja Roll sharing second place

Mine go as follows.

1: the Weekend whip remix

2: Back to ninjago.

and the rest can jump off a cliff

have a good day kids!

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Dude, Enter the Tournament is awesome.

I mean, Ninja Roll and 21st Century I could understand the dislike, but I honestly really enjoyed Enter the Tournament.

Also, I don't understand everyone's love of the Whip Remix. It was just kinda meh. I mean, we saw that song and dance with Rebooted and here is just...I dunno, just not a fan, I suppose.

I have only listened to all of them...kinda.. I will check out EtT..

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I like how they remix the original song with each new line but there is only so much you can do until you exhaust all remixes. At this point I would suggest to them to write a new intro song

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"ninja-go niiiinjago woahahhaahhhauahahuahau! niiiinnnniijaaaaagooooo........

I tried....

Tried what?

to make a new ninjago song.

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And how did it work out for you. I'm trying to write an album and it is hard

It was REALLY BAD! I can sing...but I can not write songs.

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