Mu'Tah - The Godsmith

Another one of my 2012 characters, though it’d be unrecognisable now. I’ve been trying to come up with a way of making a massive, godlike weapon forging fire titan as legendary as it sounds for months, and so partway through Bio-cup 2019, I decided to make it my next large project. I hope you all like it


This… is… EPIC!!!

My only gripe, and it’s minor, is that the neck looks a little skinny at some angles.

The head is too small compared to the rest of the MOC, but other than that, AMAZING!

Absolutely amazing, one of the most notable parts is of course the torso, which is proably my favorite one.

The freaking dethroner of jayfa rises.

Dang, that’s good. The head isn’t too small, though the knock looks a little twiggy.

Not quite. This is also the bignicle frame, or at least heavily inspired by.

Still great work, though.

Awesome! Especially love the spine

This is incredible man. The torso in particular is really blowing my mind up. Stacking those small shells to make a sort of spine is unreal.