Mutant Bug Robot T-Rex/Crab Dude Thing!

The title says it all.

He’s got bug-eyes, looks robotic, and has T-Rex/crab hands!

He has a gear box, but it’s mainly there so I could give him wider chest armor.

I really just built this MOC for the sake of building a MOC, but I think he turned out Okay. I also think that the head turned out nicely.

That’s it!


The title is pretty much on point for what this is.


While a little messy this still looks pretty cool and for some reason I love the use of those ripcord pieces


The colours are pretty good, but the design is kinda messy and the trans neon green pieces in the face take away from the overall look of the MOC.

Cool MOC, I love the eyes.

Um there’s really no T-rex in this guy, he just has 2 fingers on each hand.

Pretty good, I think.

H’s also got a tale.
@Oniwah Most things don’t have the same color eyes as the rest of them.

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T-rex tails are straight and rigid, and most animals also have tails.
The arms look more like a crab.

Huh, I guess it does look more crab like. I didn’t think of that. Name change time!

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It’s nice. The photography could definitely use some work, since I can’t quite make out most of the details on the MOC.

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I like the claws