Mutated Bone Hunter

So this guy is one of my "old" mocs which I built sometime in 2011 or something probably I don't remember. He was initially just some random multi-coloured, multi-armed table scrap moc that I threw together. But then I decided to give him a proper colour scheme and turn him into a proper character in my storyline (which you guys can read about here: He's far from my best moc but I find there's a certain elegance in his simplicity. Also, like 90% of all the lime green joints that I have were used on this guy lol


Like all other Bone Hunters, this one was also once an Agori of the rock tribe but broke off from the tribe and developed into their own race.

When the inhabitants from the Matoran Universe started immigrating to Spherus Magna, this Bone Hunter joined the new army that the Shadowed One was forming from the remnants of the Dark Hunters, Skrall, and other Bone Hunters.

At one point during the stages of the To-Kuta's creation, The Shadowed one began experimenting on the Bone Hunters, seeing if he could mutate them to be larger and stronger. These experiments caused a divide between the Bone Hunters and The Shadowed One. This Bone Hunter however, could not return to his tribe because he feared they would reject him for his mutations. He decided to stay with The Shadowed One's army.

Eventually, the Bone Hunter was assigned to To-Kuta Shadios's faction, which was sent to seize the crash site of the Great Spirit Robot. Shadios utilized him as a spy; he would lurk in the shadows and gather intelligence, as well as carry out assassinations.


Before his mutation, the Bone Hunter wielded a Skrall Tribal Design Blade as well as a Thornax Launcher.

After his mutation, he now has two new arms with claws, as well as a tail that ends in another claw. He also dual wields Skrall Tribal Design Blades now.

Abilities and Traits

Even though he was a Bone Hunter, he was a very timid one at that. Although the Bone Hunters have no designated leaders and would often develop strategies together, this Bone Hunter often failed to offer his opinions and just follow others leadership. This complacency would continue until the point of his mutation.

After being mutated by The Shadowed One and forced to exile himself from his tribe, the Bone Hunter began to grow a hatred towards The Shadowed One and the To-Kuta, which he would then channel towards being a more ruthless killer.

Although he hates the To-Kuta, he still follows them as he knows he will be killed if he steps out of line.

When he was mutated, he became larger and stronger, but grew a tail and a pair of arms as a result. These extra arms and tail gives him superior flying ability, which he uses for his role as a spy.


It's pretty basic but still looks decent but I understand that it's an older moc

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I like the colors and mutated look, but it needs a better torso.

It looks more like a regular Bone Hunter with more armor IMO.

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