Mutated Brutaka

Just another Brutaka mutated by the pit mutagen. I wanted to build this so bad since I saw the fake promo art and some MOCs around the community.

I based this in those things but changing some things, also I wanted to avoid as much as possible other color outside the black/gold color scheme.


YES i love this, gosh i really want to build a mutated gold boi


Question: Were you trying to recreate the promo art as accurate as possible, or is this MOC just inspired by the promo art?

If the former, I think green eyes, and the inclusion of tubes on his shoulder would help it look even more accurate.

If the latter, this is still a great MOC.

Either way, great job!



This is the case, thanks! I was just inspired by the promo art, not trying to recreate it.


If LEGO had actually made this a set and used the makuta olmak for it then I would’ve paid every penny.

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You can’t go wrong with Carapar partspam :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Good job! Pearl gold and Carapar’s brown look way better together than I figured they would.

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I wish I could build this myself. Really cool

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That mask is so cool!

An awesome looking piece indeed. It gives an automatic beast look.

Thanks, and yes! That’s why I tried to use black, gold and carapar brown only.

Thanks, I think it looks very cool !


Honestly, the best thing about the fake promo art is how set-like it actually looks. If I hadn’t known it was fake when I first saw it, I would’ve believed it was a planned, but scrapped set.

Great job recapturing it!


Yussss! The deep sea Brutaka we never got, lol!