Mutated Flyer Beast

I'm really happy with how this one turned out.
the first picture is with the alternate claw that I made that looked more like the wierd... thing thats on the real set. my favourite part is that extra piraka like spine, I think that looks really cool


I like the model overall, but I feel like yellow was centered a little too much in the center.

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Interesting! I like it.

You're right about the spine; that's a pretty neat technique.

I'm not quite sure how he intends to fly with those dinky little wings though...

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Their You Go



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I really like it, but I have no idea what the thing on it's head it supposed to be.

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I only made the chest yellow so it would flow with the under jaw

@Darknova3529 That makes sense and all, but I feel like yellow was focused a little too much in the center.

Really loving all of these "Mutated" Hf beasts! This one is really neat

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I had an idea for wings but then thought it would be funnier if he had these tiny wings (because they didn't mutate). also I don't think giant wings would have looked too good anyway, considering he's hunchbacked.

@toxicmocs I have an idea for queen beast that's the only other set that I will be able to do however :/ since I don't have the other two. But that will be in a few weeks when I'm back from vacation.


Awesome colors. Love how crisp this looks.