Mutated Mata - Gali The Mermaid by Sargos

So, I could imagine that it was some kind of corrupted protodermis that mutated toa mata and while others got a full dip in it, Gali got lucky and only got her lower body and the left hand submerged, so she remained the least mutated of the them.

Ha, she’s a mermaid, but aren’t those tubes connecting to the head remind you of something?

The build is basically the Nokama mermaid that I uploaded earlier, with some slight addons.

The main issue being stability the Gali version has a little contraption added to the front made of bohrok tooths which is supposed to work like a stand.

The other mutated toa mata will arrive soon…


This one expands on the previous build pretty well, nice work!
I like the theory of corrupt protodermis, it sounds interesting.

RIP her mobility on land.

omg it looks so good
have you ever thought of releasing instructions?

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Thanks, it’s fairly simple build though, I can just send a screenshot of how upper and lower arms and waist are composed… Once I redo the model since my studio file got deleted.
Check out my other mutated toa mata.

sure will!!