Mutated Vakhi MOC

His name is Redim. He is a Mutated Vakhi, who became Sentient. After the Visorak Invasion of Metru-Nui, he was mutated by Roodaka. He became taller, and stronger, as well as becoming Sentient. After a small bit where he felt grief for all he had done, he escaped into Ta-Metru where he found weapons. After this, he left Metru-Nui.

He eventually came across Axxon, who recruited him into the Order, where he acted as an Agent. After The Mata-Nui robot crashed into Bara Magna, he escaped onto the surface. He fought the Rahkshi, along with everyone else, and lived to see Spherus Magana reborn. His location is unknown.

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Ooh... I like that slideshow. That's a much better way to post pictures of MOCs.


It wasn't intentional, I was trying to link to Imgur and that happened.

Well, it turned out as a good way to post it. It's great, because now we don't have to deal with a super-long page filled with pictures. It keeps it nice and short.

Anyways, great job on the MOC! Although, he seemed a little bare at some parts.

He reminds me of the Dark hunters, which is a look that is, for me, difficult to pull off.

How do you mutate a robot?

Very nice. I love the right arm.

He's pretty cooul. :sunglasses: